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标题:If you can"t be with you, me and it doesn"t matter who together
If you can"t be with you, me and it doesn"t matter who together! I still remember ten years ago, you break up with me, I don"t want to, I to keep, you had put a harsh three requirements. To this, my pain, blame, left a pain in my heart, and then I didn"t do it. You lost a great stone hit in my heart lens, all these years I"ve been doing remedies, although the ugly scars left, at least to repair. But, on the back of the stone or broken, I move not to walk the stone, I can"t repair the piece of mirror surface.

I thought that when I have once again when one is in love, I will forget you, but I ignore a originally you are always in my heart never go away, but I"m looking for and you, the results can be imagined, you is you, no one can and you. I began to rejection love, all around people that I too picked, oneself in only a few jins several two so ye! Look at your career a rising tide lifts all boats, girlfriend sweet but person, high-key show happiness, I began inferiority. And then I had a thing, first unemployment, then refused to mutually close of person, the home is senior other dispute broke out, and now all of the mother started to take turns my aunt, I finally became some word of others and the attacker. Facing the life I"m tired, which was not normal I, was a bunch of crazy people whole normal.

Now I just want to say: "I have loved you, from the break up to now also silence the love you ten years, if not with you, and I, and it doesn"t matter who together!"




三、The best journey of my life 标题作文

My pleasant Trip I had a very pleasant trip climbing the Cuihua Hill last month.
There were 20 of us. We took the bus and start climbing at about 10AM.
It was a long way up to the summit of the hill and the road was muddy because it rained the day before.
We were talking and laughing all along the road, people sharing their food and drink, taking pictures.
We spent 4hours up and down. Before we left, we went to the "peasant"s restaurant" and enjoyed a wonderful "peasant meal". It was really a pleasant trip.
Life will up and down.
hiking mountain之旅
(1) I went hiking to a mountain with my friends last summer. It was a good trip at the beginning but something un


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